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"Angry Angus" Stratocaster - w/Dimarzio Area 61 (bridge) and Area 58 (neck and middle)

Godin Multiac "Nylon Duet Ambiance"

1960 Gibson ES 125 TC

2001 Gibson Les Paul "Gary Moore Signature"

Modded Fender Jazz Bass


Rivera "Thirty Twelve - modded with 6L6 tubes, re vamped point-to point, w/ Eminence Red-White and Blue speaker



Lehle "Little Dual"
Lehle "Little Lehle"

Strymon "Mobius"
Strymon "Bigsky"
Strymon "Timeline"
Strymon "FLynt"

Greer Amps "Lightspeed Organic Overdrive"
Greer Amps "Black Fuzz"

Xotic "XW-1 Wah"
Xotic "BB-preamp"

JHS PEDALS "Pulp N' Peel V4"
Disaster Area DMC3-XL midi controller

Empress Superdelay

Mad Professor "Deep Blue Delay"
Mad Professor "Bluebird Overdrive"

Ernie Ball Junior VP
Dunlop DVP1 Volume Pedal

Electro Harmonix Nano POG

ProAnalog Devices Mark IV Fuzz